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Soft Starter

Soft Starter


Application Industry

General purpose soft start motor control applications where traditional across-the-line starting or wye-delta starting would typically be appropriate. Typical application types include:


  • Motor Fan: Use soft starter instead of conventional starter, to realize the smooth start.

  • Compressor: The soft starter limit the startup current, reduce the abrasion and mechanical impact, reduce the heat of motor, prolong the working life, save the maintenance cost.

  • Crusher: The block protection of soft starter prevent the motor being over burnt and hurt damaged come from mechanical fault and block.

  • Transmission Machine: Soft startup and presetting slow movement realize smooth, gradual start, to avoid products movement and liquid overflow.

  • Pump: The control of soft starter reduce the water hammer result from liquid impact, saving maintenance cost for system.

  • Grinder: The soft start reduce the abrasion of wheels, lighten the maintenance cost and tiem.

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