Soft Starter



 The soft start motor has Intelligent digital motor soft start equipment system with the complete protection function.

 The soft starter reduces the cost of system cost and extend the service life of the system..

 It is a new ideal alternative for traditional star triangle starter and self-coupling decompression starter.

 It improve the reliability of system and compatible with all the functions of starting equipment.

Application Industry

General purpose soft start motor control applications where traditional across-the-line starting or wye-delta starting would typically be appropriate. Typical application types include:

  • Motor Fan: Use soft starter instead of conventional starter, to realize the smooth start.
  • Compressor: The soft starter limit the startup current, reduce the abrasion and mechanical impact, reduce the heat of motor, prolong the working life, save the maintenance cost.
  • Crusher: The block protection of soft starter prevent the motor being over burnt and hurt damaged come from mechanical fault and block.
  • Transmission Machine: Soft startup and presetting slow movement realize smooth, gradual start, to avoid products movement and liquid overflow.
  • Pump: The control of soft starter reduce the water hammer result from liquid impact, saving maintenance cost for system.
  • Grinder: The soft start reduce the abrasion of wheels, lighten the maintenance cost and tiem.


 Air Compressor

 Ball Mill






 Fan (Low and High Inertia)



 Hammer Mill

 Lathe Machine

 Mills (Flour, etc.)

 Mixer (Unloaded or Loaded)


 Plastic and Textile Machines

 Press (Flywheel)

 Pump (Centrifugal)

 Pump (Positive Displacement)

 Rolling Mill

 Saw (Band)

 Saw (Circular)

 Screen (Vibrating)



 Wood Chipper

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