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Air Compressor

Application in air compressor with frequency inverter

The benefit of air compressor after frequency conversion renovation
  • Energy saving: Inverter control compressors compared with conventional compressor control,energy conservation is the most meaningful
  • Operating cost reduction
  • Improve the accuracy of the pressure control
  • Extend the life of the compressor
  • Reduce Air compressor noise

On-site condition & parameter setting

Air compressor info:
  • Brand: Atlas
  • Power: 110kw

Production needs gas is 0.76MPa, there is a remote pressure sensor in equipment, which can bring 4-20mA current signal to the inverter, so that the whole system under PID closed-loop control. When the pressure reaches the set limit, the compressor starts unloaded, while the frequency inverter allows the air compressor to run the following limits; when the pressure drops below the set frequency of a certain value, the air compressor starts to load, but the drive to Air machine accelerates to maximum frequency operation. It’s not only quickly and efficiently to meet production needs, but also to maximize energy savings, but also can extend the life of the air compressor.

In order to facilitate repair and maintenance, we use Veikong inverter with cabinet. It can be achieved working frequency switching, when required maintenance, the frequency can start, because the air compressor star-delta starting circuit is still retained. So the user is more convenient to use, you can ensure maintenance overhaul does not stop.(see below picture)

Parameter setting :

Frequency inverter wire connection :

  • Power: 110kw

  • Main terminal connection – L1/L2/L3 with 380V input cable and U/V/W connect with motor cable

  • Control terminal connection – COM & GND short connect +24V,AI1 connect with 4-20MA current signal which from sensor DI1 , COM connect FWD switch, close RVS and break stop switch

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