Who We Are

Shenzhen VEIKONG Electric CO.,Ltd. a Professional AC drive enterprise which has been specializing in Researching, Manufacturing and Trading high, medium and low voltage frequency inverter, providing our clients with integrated system solutions. We have professional R&D and devoted management team with more than 20 years’ experience of theoretical research, product development and quality management. We adopt SPWM, sensorless vector control and vector and torque control technology in our VFD series inverters, which has reached the international advanced standard. The products can directly replace or to be equivalent of Europe and the United States, Japan and other brands, providing customers with a powerful technical support.

We have achieved popularity and qualification in VFD industry. Quality is the life of enterprise.


Veikong drives keeps following ISO9001 standard to manage and supervise quality. Our products have passed CE certification and other technical approval. To better meet customer requirements and market needs, Veikong drives keeps on upgrading new technologies and new products.The customer is the source of enterprise.We are honored to put top priority on customers’ requirements as well as achieving their requirements.Our products have been widely used in petroleum, chemical, melting, hoisting, electric power, building materials, water supply, plastics, textiles, printing, packing and other industries to create value for customers

Mission :- Drive industry development and make progress with employees

Shenzhen VEIKONG electric Co., Ltd is always dedicated to drive development of national industrial automation industry and will make unremitted efforts to make our national automation industry gear into world leading level and stand out in the world stage. Employees are our backbones and true masters. Aside from making reasonable profits to maintain healthy development of the company and make investment, we will try best to help employees make progress in terms of spirit and material so as to make employees survive and development together with our enterprises.

Vision :- To become most trusted enterprise

To provide high quality products and spread Veikong products all over the world Vision is the core content of enterprise culture. The enterprise spirit, core value, operating guideline andoperating concept are all established for this objective. It defines an enterprise’s medium and long-term objectives and the orientation of all employees, including following three aspects:

Product design – provide high quality products.

Social recognition – to become most trusted enterprise.

Brand building – spread Veikong products all over the world.

Enterprise Spirit :- Hard working and others

Hard working

Innovative and pragmatic

Quality supreme

Pursuit of excellence

Quality Policy :- People-oriented, scientific and technological innovation

Carrying out total quality management participated jointly by the employees , suppliers and customers.

Regarding prevention as the most important thing, Striving for zero defect ,and providing products and services of the best quality to customers.

Veikong : Quality Policy

Always be customer-centered with an aim to provide high quality services

Pursue state-of-the-art technologies to continuously strengthen our core competitiveness

Implement total quality management to develop first class products

Strive to become one of the world’s top industrial control equipment providers

Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Green Industrial Control, Harmonious inovance, Wonderful World. As an equipment supplier devoted to being world-leading, we are committed to the protection and improvement of environment and staff occupational health and safety. Complying with the requirements of ISO14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, we are committed to :

observe all related laws, regulations and other requirements on environment protection and occupational health and safety

meet the needs of customers and interested parties for environment protection and occupational health and safety

constantly improve environmental performance, cut energy consumption and waste disposal, employ safe environment-friendly raw materials, popularize green design and cleaner production, and provide green and reliable products to the market

employ pro-active safety management model, prevent accidents and reduce accident rate

constantly improve industry hygiene & safety in manufacturing process, provide the staff with a healthy and safe working environment , and ensure their occupational health and safety

regularly evaluate and perfect environment and occupational health and safety, make sure that the policy accords with our development objects and integrate the policy to be a part of the development strategy

guide the staff to be responsible for environment and occupational health and safety

enhance management performance of the distributors regarding to environment and occupational health and safety by large scale propaganda

share the policy with you all who are concerned with environment and occupational health and safety

Veikong : Organisation

Veikong : Qualification

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