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Frequency inverter in Hoist & Crane

The frequency inverter designed for lifting industry application has a good torque control performance with advanced control technologies. Its reliable braking control, quick stop, DC excitation control, master-slave control technology to ensure the safety, reliability and high efficiency in lifting industry application. For different requirements in lifting industry, there are translational structural frequency inverter, full inverter, dynamic braking frequency inverter and a variety of mature application for users. Frequency inverters are widely used in lifting machinery for lifting, pitching, luffing, wheelbarrow, gyration, grabing.

Frequency inverter characteristics

1. DC exciter

DC excitation can improve the electric motor torque response, ensure the motor output torque quickly, fast the speed of response.

2. Low frequency with high starting torque

The inverter adopts magnetic flux vector control technology, and huge advantage by high speed motor control DSP chip for the complex control algorithm ensure the stable operation of high torque in low frequency.

3. Motor parameters self-tuning

Accurately self-tuning motor parameters and correction on-line to carry out a static motor parameters self-tuning and dynamic motor parameters self-tuning, which is convenient for users.

4. Multiple motors switching

The frequency inverter can automatically store multiple sets of motor parameters through self-learning, by switching instruction to achieve high performance vector control of the different motor which is easy to motor drive system control, and improved the competitiveness of the users.

5. Reliable brake control

The safe and reliable brake control can make the electrical braking to match the mechanical braking which form a safe and reliable protection lock to ensure that the system is safe and reliable.

6. Synchronous speed

In a double lifting structure, master-slave control speed synchronization function ensures that two lifting mechanism of synchronous lifting and safety.

7. Power equalization

In two large power motor through the gearbox rigid driving a hoisting mechanism, the master using speed control and the slave adopts torque control to realize power and torque balance.

8. Professional network communication

The inverter support PROFIBUS-DP, MODBUS and variety of different communication mode with international standards communication protocol compatible various control requirements and can achieve communication between a number of frequency inverters and PLC.

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