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VFD580 AC Drive

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VFD580 AC Drive

VFD580 High end Variable Frequency Drive VFD580 is a high-standard vector inverter. The product adopts a leading design method, and has excellent performance in terms of performance, scalability, reliability, electromagnetic compatibility, etc. It’s mainly oriented to occasions that have high requirements for comprehensive performance of the product.

Product features:

  • Compatible with synchronous, asynchronous motor, spindle motor and servo motor

  • Support double close loop at the same time

  • With strong communication methods including Modbus, Canopen, Profinet, Ethecat(VFD586)

  • Standard LCD display with time clock function, multiple language choices and parameter upload and download as well as software upgrade function.

  • Support PC Tool Software

  • Support energy saving function used in light load application like pumps and fans

  • Support SVC vector and close loop vector control in high precision application which is much better in the market

  • With position control function and special spindle position parameters

  • New design IO board with 7 DI terminals, PT100/PT1000 and standard temperature sensor port and incremental encoder port

  • With inbuilt comparator and logic control unit can be used as simple PLC, high standard function

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