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VFD 500 AC Drive

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VFD 500 AC Drive

High Performance General Purpose
VFD500 Series AC Drives

Single phase / Three phase 220V model: 220V-240V
Three phase 380V model: 380V-480V

  • Support all series close PG card (ABZ Encoder, resolver Encoder and Differential Encoder etc)
  • Support Modbus RTU, Canopen, Profinet, TCP communication method.
  • Well designed LED standard and shuttle display with potentiometer LED and colorful screen LCD with time clock and multiple language choices for optional
  • Support PC Tool Software to operate your VFD on PC
  • With energy saving function parameter, which can be used well in light load applications like fans and pumps.
  • Support STO(Safe torque off) and Fire mode function etc
  • Open loop/ close loop vector control in high performance occasions is better than others which do support testing and compare with other brand
  • Support IO2 board for options with 7 DI and PT100/PT1000

Extension cards for operations

Multiple display for operations

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