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What Are the Differences Between a Soft Starter and A VFD?

A VFD and a soft starter can do comparable jobs when it comes to inclining up or down a motor. The main alteration between the two is that a VFD can diverge the speed of a motor although a soft starter only controls the starting and stopping of that motor.

When confronted with an application, value, and size are in the courtesy of a soft starter. A VFD is the more effective choice if speed control is essential. It is ideal to find a reliable soft starter manufacturer for buying the best quality product for your application. Below, I’m going to share the differences between a VFD and a soft starter that will help you determine which device you might want.

What is a VFD?

A VFD generally stands for variable frequency drive that is usually used for running an AC motor at variable speeds. They basically work by adjusting the frequency of the motor to adjust the ramps.

What is a Soft Starter?

The strategies are similar in that they rheostat the starting and stopping of manufacturing motors but have dissimilar features.

They are generally used in applications where there is a huge incursion of current that can damage a motor while a VFD controls and can diverge the rapidity of a motor.

  • Internal Working of a Soft Starter

A 3-phase soft stater uses six thyristors or silicon-controlled rectifiers, focused on in an anti-parallel formation to twitch the electric motors easily.

A thyristor is made up of 3 parts:

  • Logic gate
  • Cathode
  • Anode

When an interior pulse is used to the gate, it lets current drift from the anode to the cathode which then directs current out to a motor.

When the inside pulses do not put on to the gate, the SCRs (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) are in the off state and so they confine the current to the motor.

These inside pulses edge the applied voltage to the motor decelerating down inpouring current. The pulses are referred grounded on slope time so the current will be gradually applied to the motor. The motor will start up at a fine flat current and topmost out at the predetermined extreme speed.

The motor will stay at that rapidity until you stop the motor where the soft starter will slope down the motor in an actually similar way as the upgrade up.

  • Internal Working of a VFD

VFD has basically three components, including:

  • Rectifier
  • Filter
  • Inverter

The rectifier performances like diodes, revenues the inward AC voltage and changes it to DC voltage. And the filter uses capacitors to clean the DC voltage making it a smoother arriving power.

Lastly, the inverter uses transistors to change the DC voltage and directs the motor to a frequency in Hertz. This frequency initiatives the motor to an exact RPM. You can set the gradient up and downtimes just similar in a soft starter.

VFD or Soft Starter? Which One Should You Select?

From what you just covered; you can perceive that a VFD is generally a soft starter with speed control. So how do you distinguish which device is required for your application?

The choice of which device you select comes down to how much rheostat your application involves. There are other features that you should deliberate in your decision.

  • Speed Control: If your application needs a huge inrush of current but does not want speed control, then a soft starter is the top option. If speed rheostat is required, then a VFD is essential.
  • Price: Price can be a defining feature in a lot of real-world applications. Meanwhile, a soft starter has rarer control features, the value is lesser than a VFD.
  • Size: Lastly, if the size of your device is a defining influence, soft starters are usually slighter than most of the VFDs. Now, let’s aspect at some real-world submissions to help you see the alteration between a VFD and a soft starter.

The above-mentioned information will help you in distinguishing the differences between a VFD and a soft starter. You can find one of the best soft starter motor manufacturers in China, or elsewhere, to buy high-quality products at reasonable prices.

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