Motor Soft Starter

When starting a motor, it requires large amount of energy inrush in the initial stage. Sometimes this large flux of electric power can cause mechanical stress on the motor as well as heating issues. This is where the need for controlled torque and load arises which can avoid such issues happening with the motor and improve the efficiency and lifespan of the motor.

What is a Soft Starter?
A soft starter is a device that controls the initial applied voltage to the motor by reducing the torque, thus resulting in controlling the electric motor acceleration. The torque is proportional to the starting current square and this theorem forms the basis of a start motor where reduced voltage during the starting phase controls the torque and current to a certain desired limit.

Shenzhen Veikong Electric Co.,Ltd. is a soft starter manufacturer in China and that is engaged in researching, designing, manufacturing and distributing wide range of soft starters specific to use un various capacities across different industries throughout the globe.
soft starter
Comprehensive Soft Starter Range
Whether you have a small size industrial unit or a large one, the company is well placed to cater to your specific requirements. The prominent soft starter supplier offers finest quality international standard devices.

You can find soft starter for AC motors, air conditioner compressor, air compressor and submersible pumps and more in specific size and capacity to meet your industrial application needs. All the devices are provided at cost-effective prices with full support for installation, operation and maintenance.

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