VEIKONG Smart General Series Inverter

VEIKONG High-Performance General-Purpose Frequency Inverter

VEIKONG high performance general series inverter is a universal variable frequency drive (VFD) designed for the industrial market. The product is combined with reliability, ergonomic design, and superior performance to ensure proper V/F control and Vector control to meet a variety of load-driven application needs.

Shenzhen Veikong Electric CO., Ltd. is an expert in R&D, manufacturing, and trading of high to low-voltage frequency inverters, integrated with powerful technology and reliable solutions. Backed by years of experience and industry knowledge, we are offering VEIKONG high performance general inverter series:

  • VFD500M economical high-performance inverter
  • VFD500 high-performance heavy-duty AC drive
  • VFD530 high performance inverter for IM and PMSM motor
  • VFD550 High performance inverter for position control

High Performance

  1. More Accurate Motor Autotuning
  2. Advanced open loop vector control
  3. Perfect voltage and current control, reducing the fault protection times
  4. Multiple braking modes and instant stopping
  5. 0.75~710kw (Three Phase 400V)

Product Features

  1. VF and Sensorless Vector Control and Vector control
  2. Up to 0.25Hz/150% starting torque
  3. Built-in braking unit (≤22kW), Optional external braking unit (≥30kW)
  4. Shuttle keypad, Optional LCD keypad provided
  5. Standard C3 filters; Optional C2 filters
  6. Accurate parameters auto tuning and better motor drive
  7. Simple water supply function
  8. Support G/P dual rating
  9. Customization services provided (like PTC )
  10. CE requirements certified
Simple General Series Inverter


Air Compressor, Oil, Warming and Water Supply, Plastics Machine, Mine, Fans and Water Pumps.

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VFD 500 PV Manufacturer