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Why Use Soft Starter with Bypass Contractor and Variable Frequency Drive?

Any engineer using a variable frequency drive needs a bypass contractor and soft starter to efficient and reliable function of three-phase motors. Using a drive with an in-built soft starter and bypass offers significant benefits in itself, such as minimizing shock to mechanical parts, extending system lifespan, increasing reliability, reducing downtime, and lowering costs.

A bypass contractor connected with a VKS-8000 Bypass Soft Starter reduces the need for integrating additional components, which reduces enclosure size and installation time. Bypass contractor drastically minimizes heat produced by the starter, which eventually decreases voltage drop and cuts heat build-up in the starter.

Keep reading to learn more about configurations of bypass, soft starters, and adjustable frequency drive.

Why Connect Bypass Contractor with a Soft Starter?

Comprehensive drive packages are usually comprised of robust and steady solutions. Using a soft starter device can help minimize slippage, stretching and squealing, and extend the belt life as compared to traditional across-the-line starters. It ensures shock resistance on conveyors and material handling equipment, which reduces the costs of damage to products. 

For instance, in pump applications, soft starters can be able to gently stop the motor, thus easing the general water hammer effect,

Bypass Contractor, Soft Starter, and Frequency Drive Configurations

As a whole, all these three components are typically used to control the motor and its related operations. Let’s look at their specific configuration:

  • Bypass Contractors

Connect the motor across the AC line, which will further accelerate to full speed and emit a remarkable amount of current during the process.

  • Soft Starters

It is used to slow draw the motor to the full speed or even ramp down to stop. To minimize current draw as well as mechanical pressure on the mechanism, soft starters are used often in place of contractors.

With smooth acceleration and deceleration of the system, it reduces wear on gears, belts, clutches, chains, bearings, and shafts. In general, large pumps and fans need at least 30-second of ramp time to avoid mechanical damage. They are mainly used for applications where an abrupt stop of the load and mechanical strain is required to prevent.

  • Frequency Drive

Alongside a great ramp ability of a soft starter, variable frequency drive let speed be varied in critical applications, which offer greater flexibility and numerous additional features. Enclosed adjustable frequency drive generally includes a bypass for applications that cannot afford downtime. Connecting a soft starter allows the motor to be ramped to full speed, thereby reducing mechanical and electrical pressure on the system.

Conclusively, adding a bypass with a soft starter works as an efficient backup to operate the motor. Especially, large drive systems should include soft starters in the bypass contractor, else it adversely affects the power system and can damage bearings.

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