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VEIKONG Offers a Warm Welcome to Clients From Botswana and Provides an Unforgettable Factory Tour

VEIKONG always welcomes our clients with open arms, and our clients from Botswana were delighted with the warm hospitality they received during their factory tour in May. The tour was designed to give our clients a comprehensive and fascinating view of our top-quality VFD manufacturing processes.

Our expert team took our clients on a journey through our state-of-the-art production line, which demonstrated the efficiency of our workers and advanced machinery. The tour provided them with an opportunity to see how our VFDs are manufactured with precision and accuracy to meet the highest performance standards.

After the tour of the production line, our clients were guided into our aging testing room, an innovative facility where our VFDs are tested for their overall performance, even in high temperatures, to ensure reliability. Each product undergoes extensive testing and manual inspection to ensure its durability and long-lasting lifespan after delivery to our clients.

We then showed our clients the dedicated department for research and development, which is responsible for our continuous innovation. In the R&D room, they were shown our VFDs’ inner software and practical features being developed, along with the many certificates we have obtained over the years, which demonstrate our dedication to providing our clients with quality products at competitive prices.

Our clients commented on how impressed they were with the tour and the extensive knowledge that was gained, prompting them to place new orders within a week of the tour’s conclusion. We are thrilled that our efforts in provide excellent service and quality products have been welcomed with such positive feedback from our clients.

VEIKONG is a customer-centric company that aims to build strong relationships based on trust, honesty, and transparency with our clients. Our factory tours provide an opportunity for our clients to witness first-hand our dedication to quality and innovation, which is essential to maintaining this trust and building our strong relationships.

We are delighted to welcome our clients to come and tour our factory, and we promise that it will be a unique and unforgettable experience that showcases our commitment to excellence.


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