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How to Use VFD for Converting Single-Phase Power to Three-Phase?

A variable frequency drive is basically a category of motor controller that initiatives an electric motor by fluctuating the frequency and voltage of its influence supply. The VFD also has the dimensions to rheostat ramp-up and ramp-down of the motor during start and stop, correspondingly.

VFD is also used for phase conversion to save money, hassle, and space. It is ideal to find a well-known 3-phase variable frequency drive manufacturer for buying the best quality product for your applications. Below, I’m going to share how to use VFD for phase conversion. 

  • Using VFDs to Renovate Single Phase to Three-Phase

Single-phase AC power is usually used in housing and farming settings, while it can also be seen in some manufacturing sectors. It has generally two phases and possibly a neutral. It is very communal to see single-phase power for 120, 240, and rarely 480 VAC systems. Three-phase supplies generally come with three phases and it is basically 240 and 480 VAC systems.

There are many individuals that run into difficulties with phase alteration when they get a new motor and find that the three-phase motor doesn’t work well with their single-phase power.

A VFD can control a three-phase motor with a single-phase input power source, but phase adaptation presents many contemplations that usually don’t feature in purchasing a VFD.

  • Single-Phase Input VFDs

There are many manufacturers that have lines of VFD constructed to input single-phase power and output three-phase power. VFDs that derive from the factory are ready for functioning on single-phase input power and creating three-phase output power to run an induction motor.

In fact, the VFDs that are considered this way aren’t able to effort three-phase power at all. This is for the reason that the AC power input only has two obtainable terminals for the hot wires and so can’t take the extra wire required for three-phase input.

If what you need is a VFD that is prepared off the shelf to alter single-phase to three-phase, this is frequently a great choice for you. These VFDs are esteemed and sized grounded on the output three-phase current assessment of your motor, creating them unassuming to size appropriately and easier to mount.

  • Using Standard VFDs for Phase Conversion

If your motor is too huge for VFDs constructed for phase adaptation, it is conceivable to use a normal VFD for your single-phase power source. This is completed by stroking the two hot wires for a single-phase on the AC input for the VFD and parting one input terminal open and unexploited. This does increase a few glitches that you have to influence.

Because you are now focused on the same amperage on two phases in its place of three, a letdown of your VFD’s input diodes is possible to happen. To resolve this problem, you have to oversize the VFD to interpret for larger ampacities. A conventional rule of thumb is dual the size of the VFD you need.

For instance, if your motor Full Load Amps (FLA) is recorded at 15, dual that and size a VFD as if you are required to influence a 30-amp motor. If you’re opposed to this condition, you should call the experts who can support walk you through this sizing procedure and find the right VFD for you.

Each electrical system has several features to look at when you twitch venturing into phase conversion. What’s most imperative is that you recognize what you need and what matters to you, then create a system around that. You can find one of the most recognized 3-phase variable frequency drive manufacturers for purchasing the right product for your application.

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