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AC Input Filter (EMI)

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AC Input Filter (EMI)

Technical Features

VFD580 High end Vi Variable Frequency Drive VFD580 is a high-standard vector inverter. The product adopts a leading design method, and has excellent performance in terms of performance, scalability, reliability, electromagnetic compatibility, etc. It’s mainly oriented to occasions that have high requirements for comprehensive performance of the product.
Product features:
High preformation:

Drive three-phase AC asynchronous motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor, and supports three control modes of speed, torque and servo position Excellent asynchronous and synchronous motor SVC algorithm can control the speed and torque of the motor with high precision even without encoder feedback, and the low-frequency torque control accuracy is better than that of imported brands.

High reliability

15KW and above models are equipped with built-in DC reactor as standard 37KW and below are equipped with built-in braking unit as standard, and models below 90KW are equipped with brake circuit short circuit protection function The whole series is equipped with buffer relay (contactor) abnormality protection circuit as standard

User friendly:

All weak current circuit terminals adopt plug-interminals with humanized identification, which is convenient for wiring and maintenance Standard one-line incremental encoder interface (with Z input) No need to purchase PG card separately in common speed closed-loop occasions Standard motor temperature sensor interface, support PT100PT1000, KTY84, without optional temperature detection card

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