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4 Benefits Variable Speed Drives Provide to Industrial Users

Variable speed drive motor is used in any application in which there is mechanical apparatus powered by motors. It delivers enormously precise electrical motor control so that motor speed can be ramped up and down, and maintained at speed mandatory.

Since motor consumes a majority of the energy created, the control of motors, based on the demands of loads rises in importance, as energy supplies become ever more strained. Moreover, end-users of motors can realize 25 – 70% energy savings via the use of motor controllers. It is ideal to find a reliable variable speed drive motor manufacturer to get a high-quality product. Here are some benefits that users can realize when operating motors with drives.

Controlled Starting Current

When an Ac motor is started, it takes as much as seven to eight times the motor full-load current for starting the motor and load. This current also flexes the motor winding and generates heat that will over time, reduce the longevity of the motor. A VFD starts a motor at zero frequency and voltage. As the frequency and voltage build it influences the motor winding, which typically takes 50-70% of the motor full-load current.

Reduce Power Line Disturbances

Starting an AC motor across the line and the consequent demand for a seven-to-eight time the motor full-load current places a massive drain on the power distribution system associated with the motor. Normally, the supply voltage drops, with the amplitude of the slackness being dependent on the size of the motor and the capacity of the dissemination system. These voltage falls can cause sensitive equipment connected to the same spreading system to trip offline due to the low voltage.

Lower Power Demand on Start

If power is proportionate to current-times-voltage, then the power required to start an AC motor across the line is suggestively higher than with a variable speed drive. This is correct only at the start since the power to run the motor at load would be equal unrelatedly if it were fixed speed or variable speed. The problem is that some supply systems are at their limit, and mandate factors are placed on industrial customers, which controls them for surges in power that could rob other customers or tax the distribution system during peak periods. These request factors would not be an issue with a variable speed drive.

Adjustable Operating Speed

The use of variable speed drive enables optimizing a process, making changes in a procedure, allows starting at reduced speed, and permits remote alteration of speed by the programmable controller or process controller.

These are some benefits that users can realize when operating motors with the drive. You can find a reliable variable speed drive motor manufacturer to get the best quality products for your industry.

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