What Are The Reasons for Operating a Centrifugal Pump with VFD?


Centrifugal pumps are basically sized for operating at near or neat the best efficiency at maximum flow. The requirement of maximum flow, while, frequently occur for a very short period during the operating cycle with the result that some method of flow is required. The flow control has used valves that increases system pressure, inherently waste energy, and cause the centrifugal pump.

VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) can achieve reduced flow by providing variable speed pump operation and it results in reduced system pressure and operation near the best efficiency of pipe. It is ideal to find a leading variable frequency drive pump manufacturer for getting high-quality products. Here are some applications of centrifugal pumps and reasons why people might consider operating pumps on variable frequency drive.

Application of Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are basically used on many industrial and commercial applications. Most of these pumps are operated at fixed speeds but can provide energy savings through variable speed operation. These pumps are sized for handling the peak flow requirement that typically occurs for very short periods. It will produce limited flow if it is applied to a piping system in which a large pressure differential is required across the pump for lifting the liquid and overcome resistance to flow.

A pumping Reasons to Consider Operating Pumps on VFD:

Simplify the Pumping System

System needs to produce a total flow, and while it is also expected to operate regularly at flows. The pump can be sized with consideration only given to the maximum flow condition.

Ensure Efficient Operation

There are some people that might employ VFDs for maximizing system efficiency. This is also no secret that pumps operate more efficiently within a small portion of their total potential operating range. Variable frequency drive is also employed for adjusting the number of pumps in operating and their operating speed to keep pumps operating as close to the preferred operating range as possible as the system demands change.

Variable frequency drive is an ever more common technology, which is applied for simplifying pumping systems and maximizing system efficiency, so understanding the reasons why VFD is used enable you to provide intelligent assistance to pump system in selecting the right pumps for the job. If you need VFD for your pumping system then you can find one of the best variable frequency drive pump manufacturers to buy the high-quality products for your application.

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