Solar Water Pump Controller

Solar power is definitely the most suitable and ideal green energy alternative that provides an effective solution for running water pumps. Maintaining pumps using diesel generators is highly costly and grid proves too erratic or unavailable at various places, not to mention the high associated energy bills.

This is where solar water pump controllers prove to be the best solution for running water pumps in large or remote areas, very effectively and for long. Equipped with multiple features, these pump controllers allow for a well-organized water management, enhancing the output, efficiency of the pump whereby providing convenience to the users.
solar water pump
High-Performance Water Pump Controller
Shenzhen Veikong Electric CO.Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of solar water pump controllers that are designed, manufacturer and developed in a state of the art facility incorporating high-end mechanism of the international standards. The solar pump controllers are created incorporating corrosion resistance structure and include multiple advanced features like reverse polarity, low voltage and much more. The controllers are designed to monitor system performance continuously and detect varied types of irregularities efficiently. Designed to reduce power output when temperature is too high for long-duration functioning, as well as full power output during low temperature. Integrated with enhanced MPPT algorithm for real time tracking. The tracking is highly effective with quick response. The controllers are offered at cost-effective prices with warranty.

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