New Series VFD500 is coming to shock the world

New series powerful drives VFD family 500 series will come to us soon at the end of this year
It is Closed loop Vector Control Frequency Inverter

3-phase 380V/415V(±20%),0.75~630kW

VFD500 series high-performance vector control inverter supports multiple international leading control technology such as: improved vectorized VF control(VVF), speed sensor less vector control(SVC), and encoder feedback vector control(FVC). Coupled with varied kinds of optional card, it can be applied to more sophisticated industrial equipment with higher precision and stability.

1. Outstanding features

1 Applicable motors: AC induction motor, PMSM
2 Standard LED keypad, optional LCD keypad and support keypad copy function
3 Module design support IO expansion card and optional module card
4 High torque control precision: ±8% rated torque(SVC), ±5% rated torque(FVC)
5 Wide speed regulation: VVF/1:50, SVC/1:200, FVC/1:1000 and
High speed control precision: ±0.2% rated speed
6. Protections: Over-voltage stall, under-voltage, current limit, overload, overheat, over speed, over-voltage, etc.
7. Torque at low frequency: 1Hz/150%(VVF), 0.25Hz/150%(SVC), and 0Hz/180%(FVC)
8. Standard ModBus RS485; 3 optional field bus communication cards: Profibus-DP, CANopen, DeviceNet