4 Solar Water Pump System Components Used in Irrigation


Solar water pumps are relatively a new concept in mechanics which are widely used in domestic, agricultural, irrigation and industrial settings. Through the advanced solar panels, it eliminates the cost of energy and offers a more feasible option that uses energy directly from the sun for pumping water.

 Since solar technology continues to grow, it is worth the investment and will save on energy in the long run. Before investing, one should gain a clear understanding of its elements, set of benefits and working principle to make a rational decision.

In this post, we are going to discuss the basic components of a solar water pump system and why it is essential for the system. Keep reading to learn more…

 Water Pumps

 The water pump plays a significant role in various applications. Without this, you cannot even imagine and operate a water pump system. This equipment helps to draw water from a source such as well, pond and more and used in irrigation, agriculture and other settings. You should always look for pumps in both AC and DC power such as circulation pumps, booster pumps, sump pumps, submersible pumps and more to streamline your operations.

Solar Photo Voltaic System

Solar panels generally produce electricity by utilizing the photo voltaic effect. It efficiently absorbs the sun’s photons and turns them into energy, which is the main principle of a solar water pump system. You should invest in photo voltaic solar panels that feature durable material, mounting poles and other parts that will last longer.


Inverters are another important element of a solar water pump system which is used to turn direct currents (DC) production into alternating current (AC). This can be used to control electrical grids and off-grid electrical networks. This practice of conversion is essential for several electric devices, including water pumps, making this a viable part of the solar pump system. If you are struggling with low-light or cloudy days, this can be a great source for backup and keep your water pump running without any disruption.


Controllers work as a powerful component to increase the performance and keep complete control over the water pump. It can be used to set a pumping schedule, turn the pump on or off, and also help to increase its life span. You can opt for controllers that come with water sensors when pumping water from water sources that often endures low water levels or dry conditions. These can help to maximize the performance and efficiency of your pumps even more.It is good to approach a solar pump controller manufacturer to get the equipment you need to meet your precise needs.

Using these components along with functional equipment, you can make your water pump system more efficient than ever before. Next time, when you choose to install a solar pump system in your industrial areas, make sure that you have all the high-quality materials to meet your specific needs and applications.

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