Application of Variable Speed Drives for Main Oil Pumping Units


Variable speed drives can be used in many industries. Especially they are very promising in the oil and gas industry. It allows pumping in a smooth regime that reduces energy consumption in comparison with multi-regime pumping. Such a drive can also increase the dependability of equipment.

It also provides integrated control and power. It is ideal to find a reliable variable speed drive motor manufacturer for buying the best quality product that suits your needs. Below, I’m going to share some applications of variable frequency drives for the main oil pumping unit.

Variable Speed Drives for Oil Pumps

Today a lot of attention is paid to the opportunity of using variable frequency drives for pumps, and especially for main pumps at oil pumping stations. The main benefits of the frequency control for main pumps are cost-effectiveness and smoothness of the regulation of pumping modes. And the additional positive factor of application of a frequency-controlled drive is: reducing the number of switching on. It also leads to a decrease of pressure waves in pipelines both in the evolution from one process mode to another and reduces the number of unstable process modes.

Existing Evaluation of Effectiveness of Variable Frequency Drives

In the typical method of calculating the efficiency of variable frequency drives, one of the most capable criteria is reducing the cyclical loading of the pipeline. Now, the regulation of the pumping oil through mail pipelines is often done in steps, and it is not always possible to confirm the required daily volume of pumping at a fixed number of main pumps. In this case, the specified performance of the pipeline is ensured by the cyclic operation of the pipeline, in which the pipeline operates cyclically with a different number of switched-on pumps.

Evaluation of Economic Efficiency of Variable Frequency Drives

The improved method for estimating the economic efficiency of the use of a variable speed drive of the main pump at a pump station makes it possible for evaluating the efficiency of using a variable frequency drive by simplifying the economic calculation of the cost savings of electricity. It is done by taking into account changes in the length of turnaround times of the pipeline and changes in turnaround times and service life electric motors.

These are the applications of variable frequency drives for the main oil pumping unit. You can find a leading variable speed drive motor manufacturer to buy a high-quality product for your oil and gas industry.

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